The team making messaging worthwhile.

We are building towards the vision of a world where all creators can connect with their potential.

HiBeam is the messaging company for growing Creators that delivers a productive and authentic messaging experience that allows Creators to scale their authentic voice and connections.

Who we are

Jesse Clemmens

Co-Founder and CEO

Andrei Barabas

Co-Founder CTO and Head of Product

Marius Pop

Co-Founder and Head of Design

Our Advisors

Valerie Nguyen

CSO at Decoded Advertising

Dave Nemetz

Founder: Bleacher Report, Inverse, Reverb Ventures

Justin Moore

Sponsorship Coach & the founder of @CreatorWizard

What we believe

Growth requires connection

Whether building your business or advancing your craft, we believe connection will help get you there

We are what we create

The world would be nowhere without Creators. We salute those brave enough to make their own future.

People inspire people

Creation and connection together form a virtuous cycle. We help inspiration flow booth ways.

Work should be fun

Just because it’s business doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We make the work of connection enjoyable.